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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice – The PVA team is monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments to help ensure the health and safety of our workplace, our clients and our community. Until further notice, our staff will be working remotely and our office will be closed. We are dedicated to our clients and, thankfully, we possess the technology to continue to provide the same quality service as when we are working under the same roof.
Calls are still being taken at 218-733-0265. Please press zero when the company voice mail picks up and your call will be redirected to our mobile number. You can email us each directly or you can use the agency email to connect with us.
For more information, including preparation and prevention recommendations visit the Centers for Disease Control official Coronavirus webpage.


We believe it’s okay to look forward to Mondays!

Pearson & von Elbe Advertising is a full service marketing and advertising agency. We believe in the power of communication. We believe in spell checking our work. We believe in letting everyone do what they do best. We believe in the motivational power of deadlines and if that fails, beer and pizza.

We believe in the tooth fairy. We believe in forming partnerships with our clients. We believe that big ideas are blind to size and budget. It costs the same amount of money to do brilliant advertising as it does to do bad advertising. It’s not the size of the budget or the agency that matters, it’s the size of the ideas.

Bring Your Ideas to Life


Whether you’re a new organization, or have been around for many years, PVA can help you develop a marketing strategy that is structured yet flexible enough to respond to changes in customer perceptions and demand.

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We work hand in hand with our clients and provide them with engaging materials in all areas of design and print. So, that awesome idea you have but don’t know how to get it onto the paper? Leave it to us.

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PVA specializes in customized marketing strategies that reflect your brand’s voice. Not only will we help you bring your brand to life – we will develop the plan to reach and engage with your audience on multiple platforms.

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Your website often makes the first impression with your potential clients or customers. Now, more than ever, your digital presence is just as important as you physical location. Need a website built or just a facelift? PVA can help.

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Digital Marketing Strategy is essential to reach a large number of consumers. PVA can help you with everything: SEO, creative content, social media marketing, Google Analytics, Google Ads, marketing calendars, in-depth reporting, and much more.

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People rely on social networks to discover, research, and educate themselves about a brand before engaging. The more your audience engages with your content, the more likely they will share it.  PVA can help you turn your engagers into clients or customers.

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Latest News: Woman Today Features Briana Manning!

Briana Manning and the team at PVA and Footprint would like to extend a huge thank you to Duluth’s The Woman Today Magazine for featuring our very own, Briana Manning. Special thanks to Andrea Busche for the generous write-up!

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We Believe In…

Our Clients

We believe in treating our clients with respect and compassion. Every one of our accounts is the most important account to us, and we act like it. We are dedicated to learning our client’s business. We believe that trust and marketing must be a two way street. Close communication gives us a strong foundation upon which we build the creative and marketing strategy.

Our Work

We pride ourselves in working hand in hand with our clients and guide them with suggestions and ideas on all areas of their marketing strategy. We can help you with everything from advertising, digital marketing, website design, social media strategy, graphic design, print products, and much more!

Our Details

We believe in details. We don’t do average. Our traditional, digital, and social creative strategy is designed for performance. With PVA, there is no such thing as a “blanket strategy.” We tailor each campaign to fit your needs. We will work with you to create goals for your business and track our progress together. Feel free to check out some of our work for examples.

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