Building a Better Website with PVA

Building a Better Website with PVA

June 3, 2020 News 0
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By Katelin Shaft, Digital Coordinator at Pearson & von Elbe

Understanding the Basics of Website Design

Did you know that a poorly designed website can hurt your business’ sales and conversions? A poorly designed website can decrease overall functionality for the end user, which in turn directs users away from your website and on to a better functioning, more aesthetically pleasing site. 

Here at PVA, our website developer and designers are skilled in the art of creating high-quality, easy-to-use websites that stay true to your brand and your style. PVA is skilled in both redesigning already existing websites and building brand new websites from the ground up. Whatever the size of your business, PVA is here to work alongside you to create a website that perfectly encapsulates what you and your business are all about. 

Recognize Your Website Limitations

There are three important questions that you should ask yourself if you feel as though your current website could use some TLC. 

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First off, does your design look outdated? One of the greatest deterrents for website visitors is encountering a website that looks as though it has not been touched since 1999. It’s not to say that “retro” is not a cool design trend, but out-dated or old technologies can severely affect your website’s functionality. You also want your website to accurately portray what your business is all about right now. Ensuring that your imagery and content is up-to-date and modern will only support the overall perception of your business and your online presence. 

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Secondly, are your conversions/sales decreasing? There could be a number of reasons as to why your conversions/sales are decreasing, but one of them may be the simple fact that users either find your website difficult to navigate and/or they feel as though your website is an unsafe space to record their personal identification information. Additionally, if you do not have a website or do not have a website with an online store function, this may also be a catalyst in your decreasing sales. At PVA, we are versed in implementing secure and user-friendly shopping cart functions to help boost your online sales and overall conversions!  

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Lastly, have you received complaints from customers (or potential customers) who were complaining about your lack of a website and/or their poor user experience with your website? We know that in 2020, consumers turn to the internet to discover more information about anything and everything. Because of this, it is pertinent that your business sustains an up-to-date website that provides information about your business, your business details (i.e. location(s), hours, etc.), and any frequently asked questions.

Consumers may become frustrated if they search for information about your business, only to find your business lacks an online presence with any helpful guiding information. If in fact your business does have a website, but users have had negative experiences with navigating your site, it’s time to revamp and upgrade you site!

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How PVA Can Support Your Website Design Needs

If your business decides that a website design (or redesign) is a beneficial addition to your business, PVA will provide a questionnaire that we ask all clients to complete in order for us to have a greater understanding of what you desire for your website so we can ensure that we are moving in the correct artistic direction.

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We will ensure that your website is searchable through Google, is connected to Facebook if you have an active Facebook Business Page (same applies to Instagram), and is present on Google Analytics so we can easily assess who is visiting your website, from where, how long, and much more detailed information. 

We will also work diligently to apply relevant keywords to your business across your site in order to boost your Search Engine Optimization. The content (i.e. the words) is the heart of your website, which helps dictate how search engines like Google identify and disperse your website to searchers. At PVA, we work hard to make sure that your website contains your relevant content that will further support your search engine rankings and ensure that your website is accessible to all active searchers.

For further information, please visit our website design page for examples of past sites PVA has developed. If you would like to contact us with further questions or comments, please visit our contact page or email us at


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